The Digital Identity Act

Recently enacted statute on personal and organizational digital identity

I'm pleased to share my testimony of 3/23/2021 (below) on recently enacted digital identity legislation, delivered before the Wyoming House Judiciary Committee.

This bill passed the Wyoming House and Senate and earlier this week was signed into law by the Governor (see:

For more background context on the legislation see this blog post: and for an informative discussion of this bill at the 2021 MIT Computational Law Course by Senator Rothfuss, see the video below:

To read the bill text, as passed by the Wyoming House and Senate, see

I hope this new law provides a helpful legal building block with which people can start to control their own digital identities.

Kudos: Chris Rothfuss, Christopher Allen, Tiemae Roquerre, Scott David, Brittany Kaiser, Henning Diedrich, Clare Sullivan, Carla Reyes, Tyler Lindholm, Tara Nethercott